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There are five (5) different types of warships within the game, Destroyer (DD), Cruiser (CC), Battleship (BB or BS), Aircraft Carriers (AC) and Submarines (SUB). Within each type ships are ranked according to the number of stars (1 thru 5 stars). Some 5 star ships can be modified which gives them extra attributes and hit points. Beyond modifying a ships a small number of ships can be top casted into a new set of ships.


Destroyers are small, light, fast set of ships. The main armament of destroyers is the torpedoes and mines with its main guns to help support them. Destroyers provide the ability to light up enemy ships from a further distance than any other type of ship.

To see a list click Destroyers


Cruisers are the all around balanced ship. While they do not have the same firepower as a battleship, they have more than a Destroyer. Cruisers can have main guns (typically up to 280mm), Torpedoes, Secondaries, Mines (on a few), and Anti-Aircraft.

To see a list click Cruisers


The Battleships are the big guns of the game. They have larger guns than any other type of ship and typically have secondaries as well as a few having torpedoes.

To see a list click Battleships

Aircraft Carriers

The purpose of Aircraft Carriers is to bring planes into a fight. There are two types of planes; Torpedo Bomber and Bombers. The Torpedo bombers launch torpedoes, similar to cruisers and destroyers while the bombers drop bombs onto the target.

To see a list click Aircraft Carriers


Submarines are the silent hunters. They are typically slow and do not turn fast but they have the ability to dive under the water so they can only be hit by torpedoes and mines. Watching the amount of oxygen your submarine has is extremely important. Some submarines can also be equipped with mines or a deckgun on top of the torpedoes. The amount of damage a set of torpedoes can do is more than any other ship.

To see a list click Submarines