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Normal matches are the most common types of battles. Within Normal matches there are 5 different types which are randomly selected by the system once matched.


The Raid type of battle is more commonly known as occupy.


Annihilate is a type of battle which is limited by time, either 4 or 5 minutes with an unlimited number of kills.


Hunt types of normal battles is a limit where the winning team is the first to 8 or 15 kills, or the team with the most number of kills before the time limit is reached.

Attack and Defend

This is a very special type of normal battle that was released and then removed. It only has 1 map that can be used for it, Aegean Sea Battle. The purpose of this battle type is one team will attack while the other will defend the occupation circle. The attacking team must hold the occupation circle while the defending team is to keep the attacking team from occupying it until the time runs out.


The reward type of battle is the newest of the types. The object of this battle type is to reach 26 points, or the team with the highest points when time runs out.