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Mods/Paint are a set of modifications which include themes, paint, flags, decals, chimneys, shell paints, torpedo paints, mine paints and aircraft paints. To access this section, just the main screen, click on the Mod/Paint button located on the right side of the main toolbar along the top centre of the screen. When entering this screen, the default is the mods applied to the ship, or the ones which can be applied to the default ship from the main screen. Mods give from 1 to 3 additional attributes. The majority of mods are ship specific, which means that the attributes only work on specific ships. Some mods work on multiple ships and general mods typically work on all ships, or certain ship types.


Themes are ship specific. The game offers a very limited numbers of themes and they can only be applied to one ship each. Themes cost 99,800 gold each and provide 3 attributes, which all only have effect in Campaigns (Battle).

To see details on the specific themes, click Themes





Shell Paints

Torpedo Paints

Mine paints

Aircraft Paints