Casting Warships

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While only 5* ships can be modified, a smaller number of those ships which can be modified can be casted into a new, improved type of ship, of the same class.

To see a full list of ships which can be casted and the ship they are casted into click List of Casted Warships

Begin Casting

To begin casting you must first have one of the pre-casting ships. To see this list please check link above. Once the pre-cast ship has been fully modified to level 10 you can then proceed to start casting it. Enter your port then shipyard (which must be at least level 5) and click on the Top Casting button. Once there expand the type list on the left side and select the ship you want to cast. Then click on the START CASTING button. If the pre-cast ship is not modified level 10 you will receive a message about not owning the prepositive ship. If you have the pre-cast ship ready it will begin casting and you will then be able to add material to the ship and being your casting process.





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