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One day a week (Sunday/Monday) the Cargo Ship appears on the main screen. You are offered to purchase, using gold, different items from the cargo ship. Once you select the first item you then can answer a question and if you answer correctly then you will get a discount for that item. There is only one question to answer and it will reduce the cost of one item from the cargo ship. The number of items you can purchase from the Cargo Ship are limited, but vary from item to item.

The cargo ship appears in Warship Rising on Sunday and appears in King of Warship, Fleet Glory and Clash Fleet on Monday (locally). The ship remains for 24 hours.

Cargo Ship Items/cost

5,000,000 Silver - Original Cost:450. Reduced Cost: . Limit:6
Casting Steel - Original Cost:248. Reduced Cost:220. Limit:20
Refine Chest - Original Cost:200. Reduced Cost: . Limit:2
Surprise Box Key - Original Cost:80. Reduced cost:FREE. Limit:1
5-Star tier IX Material - Original Cost:225. Reduced Cost: . Limit:10
Weapon Evolvement Chest III - Original Cost:300. Reduced Cost: . Limit:10
5-Star Tier X Material - Original Cost:520. Reduced Cost: . Limit:10
Weapons Evolvement Chest IV - Original Cost:720. Reduced Cost: . Limit:10
10X Supplies Free Ticket - Original Cost:1440. Reduced Cost: . Limit:1
70% off Military Supply Coupon - Original Cost:560. Reduced Cost: . Limit:1
Mascot 50% off ticket (limited time) - Original Cost:600. Reduced Cost: . Limit:1

Cargo Ship questions and answers

What is the flagship of the 27th wave of Strait Intercept War?

 Answer: Hindenburg

Germany's only aircraft carrier during World War II?

 Answer: Graf Zeppelin

What was the largest battleship built by the United States during World War II?

 Answer: Iowa

Which is the first aircraft carrier in the history of the United States?

 Answer: Langley

The largest naval battle in history is?

 Answer: Battle of Wright Bay

What is the deduction of passive battle in ladder mode?

 Answer: In longer battles, if no contribution is made, points will be deducted.

Which of the following submarines is equipped with a cruiser's main gun?

 Answer: Surcouf

How many additional secondary gun speeds will be added to Dunkirk M "Speedy Secondary Battery"?

 Answer: 4000

How long does a leak last in general?

 Answer: 10 seconds

What should I do if the game interface is abnormal?

 Answer: Click Clear cache on the Settings Interface and log in again.

Which year did the famous naval Battle "Coral Sea Battle" occur during World War II?

 Answer: 1942

What are the two types of carrier aircraft in the game?

 Answer: Bomber, Torpedo

The war that caused Japan to lose its initiative on the Pacific battlefield?

 Answer: Battle of Midway.

Which of the following in-game warships fought in the russo-japanese war?

 Answer: Sanli

How to get fan rewards via email after successful casting?

 Answer: Follow one player and help achieved a certain value.

Which of the following fleets has the most named battlefield map?

 Answer: Essex

Which country's land forces have aircraft carrier?

 Answer: Japan

What was the last active battleship in the United States during World War II?

 Answer: Missouri

What is the flagship of the 26th wave of Strait intercept War?

 Answer: Shimakaze

When can I get fuel every day?

 Answer: 12:00 and 18:00

Why can't I find my enhanced warship in R&D?

 Answer:  Click the R&D-Rebuild button in the lower left corner to enter the rebuild interface to find.

Which battleship was sunk by one of our own?

 Answer: Tosa

How much detonation damage Passive Skill of Bismark M "Hood's Nightmare" increase?

 Answer: 0.2

Why didn't I get rewards after participating in the Master Mode and Guru Mode in the endless mode?

 Answer: Need to destroy at least one wave of enemies.

Which of the following commanders is from the Soviet union?

 Answer: Kuznetsov

Which of the following modes is occupy a flag alone?

 Answer: Capture Flag

Which of the following Chinese warships was built by the Japanese?

 Answer: Ning Hai

Which of the following calibre is not the main gun of a battleship?

 Answer: 203mm

Will the cumulative number of munitions be reset?

 Answer: Will be reset after getting 5-Star warship, weapon or crew.

The only fast battleship that was sunk by shore-based aviation during WWII?

 Answer: Prince of Wales

Known as the most advanced submarine during the Second World War and the pioneer of modern submarines?

 Answer: U-XXI

What was the largest displacement submarine class in world war ii?

 Answer: I-400

Which country's main cruiser gun was once called a six-inch machine gun?

 Answer: USA

Which of the following shells does not belong to the ship gun shell?

 Answer: Tracer Ammunition

In which battle was the Yamato battleship sunk?

 Answer: Battle of Okinawa

Which of the following commanders invented "wolf pack tactics"?

 Answer: Donitz

Which of the following aircraft carriers is a converted cruiser?

 Answer: Independence

Which of the following is the full name of the official official account of <<King of Warship>> ?

 Answer: King of Warship

In which battle did the famous Japanese leader Nan Yunzhong die?

 Answer: Battle of Saipan

Every half a month in the game will launch the "shipbuilding" activity, the player's score is 5321 points, if the player only use gold coins, how much is the minimum required?

 Answer: 96760

What is the caliber of main gun that heavy cruisers usually use?

 Answer:  203mm

What kind of warship does the yamato belong to?

 Answer:  Battleship

Germany's only aircraft carrier during world war II?

 Answer: Graf Zeppelin

The largest battleship "Barram" belongs to which country?

 Answer: United Kingdom

What is the largest displacement of all the battleships built in the world?

 Answer: Yamato

What is the maximum calibre main gun the battleship is actually equipped with?

 Answer: 460mm

Which of the followings is wrong?

 Answer: The tacit understanding between water-jet fish and glory is greater than that between surcouf and water-jet fish.

What's yamamoto's nickname?

 Answer:  Gambling

Which country's warships are often renamed?

 Answer: USSR

Which of the following battleships was sunk by a submarine?

 Answer: Barham 

What was the name of the first aircraft carrier in Chinese history?

 Answer: Liaoning 

Why hasn't the ladder points changed after the ladder mode is completed (non-negative MVP)?

 Answer: End of the current season, the ladder points will be opened in next season.

What is the most vivid origin of the name "battleship"?

 Answer: Line Operation

Which battleship was sunk by the submarine while anchored in the harbor?

 Answer: Royal Oak

Which leaderboard score will be changed after using the team function by oneself to play the ladder mode?

 Answer: Team Ladder List

What is it called "Unsinkable Steel Fortress on the Sea"?

 Answer: Bismark

Which British capital ship did the battleship bismark sink?

 Answer: Hood

The only battlecruiser sunk by airman in World War II?

 Answer: Repulse

Which of the following in-game warships fought in the russo-japanese war?

 Answer: Sanli

Which of the following artillery calibre has never been used by the German navy?

 Answer: 381mm

Which commander personally led the fleet to attack Pearl Harbor?

 Answer: Cautious Nanyun

What is the code name of the German battleship class that was started before world war ii but was not built?

 Answer: H-class

How to increase mascots' star-level?

 Answer: Free the extra mascot to get the training manual

How many kilometers is the passive radar jamming range of Udaroy M "Destroyer Master"?

 Answer: 13.5km

The largest battleship is belong to which country in history?

 Answer: Japan

What's the right thing to do in ranked battle?

 Answer: Complete each match with heart and soul

When is the "Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor"?

 Answer: 12.7.1941

Which of the following mascots has a chance to resist a detonation attack in the battlefield?

 Answer: Forest Cat Instructor

How many times level 10 fleet can draw for free a day?

 Answer: 12

What is the correct description of armor-piercing damage?

 Answer: Armor piercing damage bonus can ignore armor

Which of the following protective systems is used against torpedo attacks?

 Answer: Pugliese System

Which of the following commanders can ignore enemy "fighting spirit" features during combat?

 Answer: Mombarton

Which of the following modes is primarily sink number to end the battle?

 Answer: Hunting

How long does a burn last in general?

 Answer: 20 seconds

Why is the battleship missing (didn't tear open)?

 Answer: Find the battleship in R&D and select “Add Battle List” on the battleship interface.

Which of the following warships has the most main turrets?

 Answer: Takao

What is the flagship of the 28th wave of Strait Intercept War?

 Answer: Musashi

What was the largest battleship built by the United States during World War II?

 Answer: Iowa

Which battleship sank the Hood in WWII and wounded the Prince of Wales?

 Answer: Bismark

On which warship was the Atlantic Charter signed?

 Answer: Prince of Wales

The “big seven”, as the navy holiday is known, which is not part of the big seven?

 Answer: Washington

What was the fastest sinking battleship in World War II?

 Answer: Hood

Which of the following warships has the most turrets?

 Answer: Columbia

The only battlecruisers that survived from World War II?

 Answer: Renown

What is the correct description of crit?

 Answer: Crit can do more damage than normal artillery

What is the correct description of armor-piercing damage?

 Answer: Armor piercing damage bonus can ignore armor.

How to increase the chance that the mascot's skills are triggered in the battlefield?

 Answer: Increase Intimacy

What battle marked the beginning of the Pacific War?

 Answer: Attack on Pearl Harbor.

What was the battle that established the US navy's dominance in the Pacific during World War II?

 Answer: Battle of Midway.

How do you know exactly What is the use of attributes?

 Answer: View the Battleship attributes bar in the main interface help.

Definition of "highlight" in the game.

 Answer: Detect the enemy and sunk by teammates.

How many torpedo planes are there per formation to Modified Bearn?

 Answer: 8

What was the biggest naval battle so far?

 Answer: Denmark Strait

How many more seconds Modified U-3513 "Mine Duration Expert" increase mine duration time?

 Answer: 10 seconds

How much armor piercing damage does 5-star part "Fire Control Tower S-1" 4-red attributes add to the total?

 Answer: 0.06

What naval battle has been called the cornerstone of western civilization?

 Answer: Salamis Naval Battle

Which of the following American Commanders shaved with a flamethrower?

 Answer: Ernest J. King

World War II Japanese surrender ceremony, which warship held?

 Answer: Missouri

In which year did Midway Island Naval Battle take place?

 Answer: 1942

Where is the entrance to the automatic navigation system during battling?

 Answer: Double-click the destination area in the minimap.

What was the largest aircraft carrier battle?

 Answer: Mariana Naval battle

Which of the following sizes does not belong to the torpedo calibre?

 Answer: 460mm